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College Archives: Donations & Transfers

A guide to the Archives and Special Collections at Niagara County Community College.

Archival Additions

The Archives' mission is to systematically preserve materials which document the development and history of Niagara County Community College. To that end, materials that fulfill this criteria are quite broad and include documents as diverse as formal meeting minutes & final reports to posters, flyers, & other ephemeral items.

If you have materials relating to the activities, development, and history of Niagara County Community College, we encourage you to contact us! If you are interested in donating, please contact our Archivist for more information. 

If you work at NCCC and are interested in transferring materials from your office or department into the Archives, please contact Jean Linn. Digital files can be sent as attachments directly through email or hard copies can be sent through inter-departmental mail. Please include 2 copies of paper files. 

The Archives collects materials such as: 

  • Student newspapers & yearbooks
  • Official reports of the College
  • NCCC Board of Trustees meeting minutes
  • Faculty Senate meeting minutes & reports
  • Committee meeting minutes & reports
  • Records from student government and student clubs
  • NCCC policy manuals
  • NCCC course catalogs
  • Commencement programs
  • Photographs & scrapbooks
  • Audiovisual recordings
  • Brochures, special events programs, invitations, posters
  • News clippings
  • Memorabilia 

We accept digital as well as paper files. 

Records Retention

As a New York State Community College, NCCC follows the Records Retention and Disposition Schedule CO-2. 

An excerpt: 

Archival records are records that governments must keep permanently to meet fiscal, legal, or administrative needs of the government or which the government retains because they contain historically significant information. Records do not have to be old to be archival; local officials create and use archival records daily in offices. What makes a record worthy of permanent retention and special management is the continuing importance of the information it contains.

There is more information here:

Wish list

In particular, we are interested in adding the following items to the collection:

  • Broadly, materials documenting College activities and events
  • Photographs, particularly with contextual information
  • Promotional literature (programs, flyers, posters, etc.) of special events
  • Memorabilia and other mementos associated with NCCC
  • Committee meeting minutes & reports 
  • Materials on the STEM Facility development 
  • Early editions of Exit, Edgewater, and other student publications
  • About Place publication for the years 2002, 2004, 2008-2010
  • Commencement programs from 1984, 1986, 1987, 1989, and 1990

The Archives collects materials from NCCC's founding in 1962 through present day. We would welcome "recent" additions. Receiving materials closer to the time of their creation allows us to gather more contextual information and preserve them better. 


Another reason to transfer or donate materials to the Archives is for preservation purposes. The Archives maintain strict environmental and security measures. Materials are kept organized and described for ease of access. We preserve digital files, as well as paper records. 

Our goal is to preserve archival materials for research and access long into the future. 

Cataloging Librarian & Archivist

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Jean Linn
Henrietta G. Lewis Library
Office D311
3111 Saunders Settlement Rd
Sanborn, NY 14132
Niagara County Community College. Henrietta G. Lewis Library. 3111 Saunders Settlement Rd., Sanborn, NY 14132 | 716-614-6786