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HIS266 - Modern China - Dr. Clarcq: Your Assignment

Modern China

Your Assignment

Assignment - create a 7-8 page research paper that answers one of the following questions

1. The West often condems China for violating Human Rights. Describe some of the incidents that have enraged the West since the year 2000. Analyze whether upholding Human Rights should be used as a factor in determining Great power status. Also argue whether or not western definitions of Human Rights should be held against an Asian mindset.

2. China is often called the next superpower. Part of that status includes expanding their influence around the world. Examine how China is expanding her influence in Africa, Europe or the U.S. Determine what impact this expansion has on your chosen region and analyze whether it should be seen as a threat to the status of the U.S. as a superpower.

3. China has one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Describe some of the problems caused by rapid growth. Analyze whether these problems will prevent China's growth from being sustainable.

4. Reunifying Taiwan with Mainland China has been a long stated goal of the Communist Government. Briefly describe the status of relations between the two Chinas since 1995. Analyze the pros and cons of reunification from both sides.

5. China's rapid economic growth has resulted in a negative impact on the environment. Describe some of the environmental challenges in China today. Analyze how they might affect the Chinese population and determine how dangerous they are to China's economy and political stability.


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