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Kindle: How to Use the Kindle

Kindle controls


There are only a few simple controls you need to learn to enjoy reading on the Kindle:

The Power switch is located on the bottom of the Kindle. Slide it to the right to turn it on or wake it up. You must slide and hold to turn it off.  

On the either side of the screen are the Next Page and Previous Page buttons. Use these to turn the pages.

The Back button is to return to a previous page if you have followed a link. It works like the "last" button on your tv remote control.

The Keyboard button brings up the virtual keyboard on your screen. To remove the keyboard, press the button again.

Use the 5-way controller to go from chapter to chapter, go up and down on a page, or highlight a word that you want defined.

The Menu button offers a list of options. Use the up/down arrow keys to make a selection from the list.

Finally, the Home button take you to the Home screen, which lists all the titles of the downloaded material on the Kindle.

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