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ENG101- James Kayorie: Cause and Effect Essay

Argument Essay 


Your assignment:

Write a cause and effect essay. Develop an argument to persuade the reader of your position. For example, do you wish to argue about a more ethical treatment of animals? Do you wish to argue for or against fast food?

Some ideas for research paper topics:


  How the library can help you with this assignment

  • Decide on a topic. If you are having trouble selecting one, look at our databases Opposing Viewpoints and Points of View (see links under "Finding Articles"). They contain topics that are timely, and often controversial.
  • Once you've selected a topic, formulate a search strategy to find supporting articles. For example, if you want to argue the benefits of fast food, use search terms such as fast food (or convenience food) and benefits.  That search in Academic OneFile found this article:

You, Wen, et al. "Food consumed away from home can be a part of a healthy and affordable diet." The Journal of Nutrition 139.10 (2009): 1994+. Academic OneFile. Web. 28 Sept. 2010.



  • Be flexible with your terms. If the term fast food doesn't produce results, try the term convenience foods. Databases often provide alternative search terms.
  • Limit your results to Scholarly Articles (or peer-reviewed or refereed) if you've been directed to locate something scholarly.
  • If you can't find any articles to support your argument, ask a Reference Librarian. We're here to help
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