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PSY 250: Search Strategy

This guide will serve as a refresher for your instruction in finding scholarly articles for your Abnormal Psychology paper

What databases are available to you?

From the Library's home page, you are able to view which databases the library offers for your use. You can view what's available in an alphabetic listing, or a subject arrangement. Keep in mind that for many areas of study, the content of a database crosses over, so that you may use what seems like something related to another discipline to find helpful material for your topic. An example might be a topic related to drug addiction. You may want to address this topic in a medical or allied health database, as well as  take a different approach and use a social science database for a different spin on the same topic. Be open to the possibility of stepping out of the box in your research quest.

Strengthening your search

Clicking the boxes to guarantee that your results are full-text and peer reviewed (scholarly) articles will result in finding the types of college level publications that your professors are looking for.

Using the dropdown arrows to the right of the search boxes will insure that your search terms appear in areas that make them stronger, like in a subject heading or abstract, rather than just a random spot in an article.

Performing an "Advanced Search", which allows you to enter a number of terms and use boolean logic to link them, will result in a smaller number of more precise articles that are spot on with the search terms you entered.

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