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Open Education Resources: OER Basics

OER Basics

Are you considering adopting, adapting or creating Open Educational Resources in your course to save students money? If your answer is yes, please look through this guide then contact me. I can help you get started!  Nancy Kennedy


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What is OER?

So glad you asked!

OER stands for Open Educational Resources. They consist of teaching and learning materials available online and distributed free of charge.   OER includes textbooks, exercises, course readings, homework sets, quizzes, or any other materials that can be used by faculty and students for education.  In most cases, these materials have been vetted and reviewed by other educators for clarity and accuracy.

OER are issued under specific copyright licenses that allow you and your students to use them freely.  Some of these licenses require that the material be used in its original form while others allow for modification of the materials to suit your particular audience or students. 

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