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ENG 102: Writing II, Dr. Ian Stapley: Using NoodleTools

Creating a NoodleTools Account

Each user must create a "personal folder" (i.e., select a personal ID and password) by clicking the "Create a Personal ID" button on the login screen.  Access to your subscription is currently enabled via username/password and IP authentication.  A student who enters NoodleBib remotely (i.e., not within the IP range) will be prompted to log in to the subscription when he/she clicks "Create a Personal ID" on the login screen.

Username: niagara
Password: lewis


You should create your NoodleTools account from a computer on campus.  After your account is created, you may use it from a computer off campus with no problem.

What is NoodleTools?

NoodleTools offers integrated tools for note-taking, outlining, citation, document archiving/annotation, and collaborative research and writing.

NoodleTools Tutorials

Creating a Bibliography or Reference List

1.   Log-in to NoodleTools.  (see box at the left)


2.  Click on Create a New Project on the right side.

create a new project button


3.    Choose your citation style: MLA, APA or Chicago.


4.    Choose Advanced under Citation Level


5.    Type in a name for your project in the Description box.  Then click on Create Project.


6.    Click on Works Cited or References in the Components section on the left. 


7.   Choose the type of citation (journal, book, etc.) you need to create first from the dropdown menu. Then click on Create Citation.


8.    Fill in the blanks with the information requested. If you have any errors, yellow warning signs will pop-up.

a.    You can add an annotation if needed.


9.    When the form is complete, the Submit button are at the bottom of the form.


10.   Keep up this process until you have completed all of your citations.


11.   You can print/export your list as a Word document to print, save or email it.

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