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HIS 237: African American History Dr. Matthew Clarcq: Find Articles

Provides resources and tips for the research assignment associated with Dr. Clarcq's HIS 237 course

Recommended Databases

America History & Life Sample Search

Select the database America: History and Life with Full Text  linked above.

Once in database, select Advanced Search option Advanced Search

In the first of three search boxes, enter the term Chinese Immigrant.

In the second search box, enter California

Scroll down until you see the Limit Your Results section. Locate the Historical Period from option

    to   example: 400 b.c.e. to 200 c.e.
Enter 1880 c.e. (a.d.) and 1890 c.e. (a.d.) in these boxes
Go back up near the top of the screen and hit Search.

Search (basic)

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