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HIS 101: Western Civilization I, Dr. Matthew Clarcq: Books

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Course Reserve Titles for HIS 101

Course Reserve Book Title Related Topic
Athenian democracy: triumph or travesty?  Development of Greek Democracy
Athens in the age of Pericles  Development of Greek Democracy
Hannibal : a Hellenistic life  2nd Punic War
Hannibal: one man against Rome. 2nd Punic War
Inquisition : the reign of fear  Spanish Inquisition
Introducing early Christianity : a topical survey of its life, beliefs, and practices  Christianity in the 2nd Century
Pagans and Christians  Christianity in the 2nd Century
Rome against Carthage  2nd Punic War
The early Christian church  Christianity in the 2nd Century
The ornament of the world : how Muslims, Jews, and Christians created a culture of tolerance in medieval Spain  Religious Tolerance in Islamic Spain
The rise and fall of classical Greece  Development of Greek Democracy
The Spanish Inquisition : a Historical Revision  Spanish Inquisition
The twelfth-century renaissance  Medieval Universities
The world of medieval learning  Medieval Universities


Suggested Search Terms

  • Greek democracy
  • Greece - History
  • Punic War, 2nd, 281 - 201 BC
  • Carolingian Renaissance
  • Architecture -- Carolingian
  • Medieval universities
  • Education, Medieval
  • Crusades
  • Islamic Spain
  • Religious toleration
  • Spanish inquisition

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