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HIS 120: U.S. History to 1865, Dr. Matthew Clarcq: Your Assignment

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Your Assignment

US History I      American Experiences

Assignment: Choose one of the following types of Americans. Write a 4 1/2 to 5 page paper beginning with a thesis which determines the impact that type of person had on the nation. In addition to providing evidence to prove your thesis, create context by answering the following questions. Who were they and what was their background? What was their experience in America? What happened to them after the time frame mentioned in the assignment?

 This is not meant to be a biography, but rather a general examination of these types of people.

  1.  A Colonist at Jamestown in the 1620s
  2. A Rhode Island Slave Trader in the 1730s
  3. A Loyalist in the American Colonies in the 1770s
  4. A member of the Shawnee Tribe in the Ohio Territory in the 1810s
  5. A Mill girl in Massachusetts in 1815
  6. A member of the Cherokee Tribe in Georgia in the 1820s
  7. A Woman at a revival during the 2nd Great Awakening in the 1830s
  8. An Irish immigrant in New York City in the 1840s
  9. A woman on her way to Oregon in the 1850s
  10. A Pro-Slavery man in Kansas in 1855
  11. An African American during the New York City Draft Riots in 1863

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