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LIT 245: Introduction to Mythology: Home

Morph into Myth, learning about the literature of creation stories, cultural heroes, gods & goddesses, monsters, and historical and cultural influences, explore library resources helpful for studies in LIT 245 - Intro to Myth


Welcome to the LibGuide created to help you explore library resources for studies in LIT 245 - Intro to Myth

On this page, there are some reference books, reference articles, and a couple reference databases to start your research on mythology topics.

Notice the tabs above; click on these tabs to explore additional resources.

Required Text

Reference Databases

Credo Logo

Use the Credo Search box above. 

Look for and Explore the Mind Map when you get into Credo.

Suggested search terms to throw in the Credo search box:

  • Greek deities
  • Roman deities
  • druids
  • druidic

Also, throw in any name of a god or goddess such as Prometheus or Eurydice.

Try similar search terms and topics from above in Gale EBooks/Gale Virtual Reference Library (GVRL). Note the authors and titles listed in the Sources section at the bottom of articles.


Journey into the Myth Field - Selected Reference Articles

World Mythology

Other Background Articles on other Mythologies

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