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Welcome to the LibGuide created to help you explore resources to prepare for and learn about the once in a lifetime eclipse 2024 event in Buffalo and Western New York. A solar eclipse happens when a new moon positions itself right between the earth and the sun, blocking the light from the sun, and thus causing the moon's shadow (or umbra) to be cast on the earth. In a total eclipse (or Totality) the sun is completely obscured. The eclipse on April 8, 2024 in the Niagara Falls area is exciting and extremely rare because Niagara Falls is on the centerline and path of totality.


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Total Eclipse

Once they were dreaded and thought to be dragons eating the sun—but modern science has dispelled mythology and we now look forward to total Solar Eclipses as one of the most spectacular phenomena in the heavens.

“Total Eclipse.” Films On Demand, Films Media Group, 2010,

To access the Films on Demand page to the whole series, click The Universe


Eclipse Photography Tips




This guide was created by NCCC Librarians Jean Linn and Dave Odum during the spring 2024 semester.

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