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Library Spotlight: Mental Health Awareness

Digital displays and collection highlights from the Lewis Library at NCCC.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month

The Lewis Library invites you to seep yourself into the compelling and brave stories of those facing mental illness to gain an understanding of the history of mental health and the social and medical forces that have built a wall of stigma, as well as those that have paved a brighter road to recovery. The physical display on the 2nd floor of the library takes readers on a journey through key historical moments, as well as personal narratives that give soulful insight into living with depression, PTSD, autism, brain injury, Alzheimer's, and schizophrenia along with other conditions, to raise awareness and be inspired to find hope.

All of the print books on this page are on the display shelf and can be checked out at the circulation desk on the 2nd floor of the Lewis Library.

Eras of Stigma and Histories of Hope: Background and Insights on Mental Illness

Coping with Courage: Memoirs of Making It through a Mental Illness

Social Context of Mental Health

For those who have never faced deep-rooted emotional or psychological problems, it can be difficult to see why maintaining mental health requires more than the capabilities of any one individual. This film examines mental health at the personal level and in a social context, discussing key processes for recovering and maintaining mental well-being.

“Mental Health: The Individual and Society.” Films On Demand, Films Media Group, 2009,


Ebooks on Mental Health

Mental Health Associations: A Road to Wellness

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