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BIO 102 : Intro to Plant Biology: Assignment

Your Assignment

After attending the BIO 102 library meeting, please select a scholarly journal article on a plant science-related topic of your choice.  Ideas include:  plant breeding, genetics, post harvest physiology, organic practices, bioremediation, photosynthesis, plant evolution, biodiversity, etc.  The article must be current (ie less than 5 years old).  The article must be from a reliable, peer-reviewed, scholarly source.

1.  Read the article.

2.  In the discussion forum on Blackboard, start a new thread.  In this new thread, write a summary (do not plagiarize) of the article.  Make sure you include the following in the summary:

  • Link to article or directions to access the article
  • What did the article discuss?
  • What did you learn?
  • What did you find most fascinating/surprising?
  • What additional questions did this article raise in your mind?
  • Do you think this article / source is reliable?  Is their experimental design valid?  Are there any concerns you have with the validity of their conclusions?
  • Explain your answers.
  • If someone wanted more information on this topic, what are 3 additional good quality of sources of info relating to this topic?

3.  Additionally, you will provide commentary (thoughts, opinions, ideas) on 2 other student article submissions. 

Notes:  Do not duplicate articles.  First come, first served.  I suggest you choose topics/articles at the library meeting before leaving.  The sooner you do your article submissions, the sooner there will be submissions for everyone to comment on.  So do not wait until the last minute.  The quality and thoroughness of your submissions will affect your grade on this lab. 

Check the due date/time on Blackboard.  No late submissions accepted.  Attendance at the library meeting is required and is required in order to complete this assignment (which counts as a lab grade).


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