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Bees & Beekeeping : Videos

UMN Bee Lab Videos

Beetalker: The Secret World of Bees

For biologist Mark Winston, bees aren’t just insects. Their behavior, as well as their physical characteristics, sheds light on the interconnectedness of all life. This program presents an overview of Winston’s distinguished career while focusing on his most recent activities—specifically, passing on his extensive knowledge to the next generation of entomologists. Having identified nine queen pheromones and studied hundreds of bee colonies, Winston is now moving into a cross-disciplinary phase—one in which bee rituals and honeycomb building techniques provide rich insight for artists, philosophers, urban planners, and environmental scientists.

University of Guelph Honey Bee Research Centre Videos

Vanishing of the Bees

Honeybees are essential for the production of more than one-third of the food we eat. But in 2006, beekeepers began reporting that astounding numbers of their honeybees had gone missing, literally disappearing, with no dead bees to be found in or around the hives. A task force was formed to study the international phenomenon; scientists were able to identify its distinct symptoms, and named it “colony collapse disorder.” This program investigates colony collapse disorder, looking into its possible causes, exploring its potential consequences, and offering some solutions. Journalist Michael Pollan, apiarists, and others discuss the search for CCD’s origin, focusing on evidence that points to monoculture farming and a relatively new class of chemicals called systemic pesticides as the culprits.


Bee People

For 100 million years, bees have provided sustainability on earth… yet now they are rapidly disappearing from our planet. "Bee People" provides an in-depth look at the people who are working to save the bees and urging everyone to join them. Who are these bee people? What compels them to do what they do? And most importantly, what is the solution they propose? Featuring Gregg McMahan aka “The Bee Guru”. Join him as he follows his passion of rescuing and relocating beehives, and educating America's youth.

What's Killing Our Bees?

Bill Turnbull investigates one of the biggest mysteries in the countryside: what is killing the bees? It is a question that generates huge controversy. Changes in the weather, pesticides and even a deadly virus have all been blamed. It is a problem that Turnbull is all too familiar with as a beekeeper himself. He meets the scientists who are fitting minute radar transponders on to bees to try to find answers. A BBC Production.

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