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SPM 101 Sport Management: Citations

Finding scholarly articles

What information comprises a citation?

When you are required to submit a citation for a source that you are using, regardless of the type of material it is, you must provide all the data that would allow your reader to find that source for him/herself. In the case of a journal article, the necessary information includes the title of the article, its author or authors (editors, compilers, etc), the title of the journal,volume number, issue and date. In the case of electronic access of the journal, some style sheets demand the date of online access of the journal.

Here is an example of a citation accessed through a database in APA:

Goldschmidt, A. B., Wall, M. M., Zhang, J., Loth, K. A., & Neumark-Sztainer, D. (2016). Overeating and binge eating in emerging adulthood: 10-year stability and risk factors. Developmental Psychology, 52(3), 475-483. doi:10.1037/dev0000086

*Digital object identifier


Citing is Important


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