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Tips and resources on finding scholarly articles


Welcome to the LibGuide created to help you find scholarly articles on topics in your sports management report, in which you will give a summary of the scholarly article you choose and provide your opinion of the article's topic and how the findings might lead to progress in the respective field. The resources on this guide give background on specific areas of Sports Management and direct you to searching the library as well as key journals and databases dealing with scholarship in the sports management field. 

Background Knowledge: Encyclopedia/Reference Resources on Sports Management

Research Hint: Click the article title link and check the Further Reading and Bibliography sections at the bottom of the encyclopedia entry to find scholarly articles from Sports Management Journals. 

Library Search

Choose a search scope in the dropdown menu or access advanced search through this link. 

Helpful Search Terms

The list of terms below are helpful to use in the Library's Everything Search (on the left) and in databases to find scholarly articles on Sports Management topics.

  • Sports Management
  • Sports Policy
  • Sports Administration
  • Physical Education and Training -- Administration
  • Sport participation
  • Sport funding
  • Finance and sport organization

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