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Article Links

Once you have an article you'd like to share with your students through Brightspace, you'll need to find the permalink or permanent link. Database vendors use different terms for this such as stable URL, static URL, or persistent link. 

P.S. If you need help finding an article, or its permalink, please let us know! Email us at

Creating a stable link from a DOI

Databases often provide DOIs (Digital Object Identifiers) for their articles.  The DOI is a way to locate a particular article even if the database changes. The DOI is often listed on the article itself.  It may also be part of the article's citation.

To create a persistent URL with the DOI:

1) Start with the proxy server prefix:

2) Add: (if not present)

3) Add: the DOI for the article

Here's an example of what the finished URL will look like:

How to find stable links

At the upper right corner, click on the Get Link icon. 

On the far right, click on Permalink. 


On the left, under the title, click on Stable URL.

At the far right, click on the Get Link icon. 

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