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Local History & Genealogy: Property Research

A guide to local history and genealogy resources for Niagara County.

House and Building History

By researching the history of a house or building, you can discover interesting information about the property and the people associated with it. 

The best place to begin is with your abstract or title search. The abstract is a written history of all recorded documents and proceedings related to a property. Abstract records are kept at the Niagara County Clerk's Office. You can also access digitized microfilm copies through the New York State Land Records link below. 

You can search for previous property owners in newspapers or directories. 

Maps can show you details in the landscape, property lines, and even building construction.

Parcel Information Search


Architecture styles can give you clues about a building's age and prominence. 

Land Records

Land records are a valuable source of genealogical and historical information. In addition to researching the history of a property, land records documenting the sale and ownership of land may cite the kinship between parties or provide other vital records information. Land records may infer the approximate date when a person moved to a town or when a building was erected. They may also include the residence of the buyer. 

NCCC's first campus

This building was the original home of Niagara County Community College. It was formerly owned by Nabisco Shredded Wheat. Photograph is from the NCCC Archives. 

Holland Land Company Records


House Histories

Buffalo Houses

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