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Local History & Genealogy: Newspapers

A guide to local history and genealogy resources for Niagara County.


Newspaper articles can provide a useful source of information, serving as a primary source of information about historical and current events. Not all articles are considered primary sources, however. Retrospective articles are secondary sources. Newspapers can provide valuable information whether used as primary or secondary sources. 

Newspaper Databases

These are subscription databases available in the Library or off-campus with your T-Wolves credentials. 

New York State Historic Newspapers

Open Access Newspapers

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Here are some local newspapers:


Here is President Truman holding a newspaper with the headline "Dewey Defeats Truman". Dewey did not defeat Truman. In the rush to get the newspaper out quickly, the erroneous headline was published.  Remember to check multiple sources. 

Newspaper articles may be inaccurate, because they are often written with a tight deadline, and in the rush to go to press, they may be poorly edited or incomplete.

Newspaper articles, especially commentaries, may be biased. Using multiple sources can ensure your facts are solid and negate bias.

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