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Research Skills Tutorial

Searching Google

Sometimes you need to search the web to find certain kinds of information sources.

Some examples include:

  • government documents
  • digitized primary sources from museums, historical societies, and other cultural institutions
  • reports and white papers from non-profit organizations and NGOs

Beyond what you can find using general search engines, like Google, there is Google Scholar, which searches:

  • books
  • scholarly articles
  • conference papers
  • case law
  • U.S. patents (if you choose to include them)

Because the web is vast and unmonitored in terms of quality, it is important to learn how to use web search engines to their fullest potential.

Access Google Scholar through the link below to be connected to resources accessible through the NCCC Library.

Connect Google Scholar to the NCCC Library

A lot of the content in Google Scholar requires you to pay for an article or subscription. The NCCC Library has access to many of these articles through the databases, and much more, through interlibrary loan.  You can use Google Scholar to search and the library to get access to the articles.

Here is how: 

1) From the Google Scholar page, click on the three horizontal lines icon in the upper left corner of the page

2) Click on Settings

3) Click on Library Links

4) Search for "Niagara County" then select the option that says "Niagara County Community College - ViewIt@NCCC." Click Save. 

5) When you are searching, click on "ViewIt@NCCC" to retrieve the article through the library databases.

Important: If the Library does not have the article, you can request it through interlibrary loan. It is free! 

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