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Research Skills Tutorial

Chapter 6: Learning Objectives

At the end of this section, you will know how to:

  • Find information about a publisher or journal, such as what kind of peer review process they use, what their ethical guidelines are, and what sort of articles they seek to publish
  • Evaluate the reliability of an information source in terms of the entities and/or organizations who published the information source, and the reputations for quality and integrity of those entities/organizations
  • Evaluate the authority of an information source in terms of the author's expertise, by judging the author's educational credentials, career history, and publication history
  • Understand bias and agenda, and detect when there is strong potential for them in an information source
  • Locate reviews of information sources, and know when it is necessary to check these
  • Evaluate the validity of an information source from a general scholarly perspective about what constitutes valid knowledge
  • Evaluate the accuracy of an information source against other information sources
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