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Finding Articles

You can search for journal articles through the databases or through our Discovery Service. 

If you ar unsure what database you want to use, it's best to view them by subject and choose a general database to start. General databases pull from a variety of sources and are a good place to begin.  

General databases

Here are a few general databases to help you get started with your research. Browse for more through this link. 

Scholarly vs Popular chart

Scholarly vs Popular Periodicals


Professors often suggest that students include articles from scholarly, refereed or peer- reviewed journals as resources for their research papers.   These articles are authored by experts in their field and reviewed by peers before getting accepted for publication.  See below for a chart to help you distinguish between the two types of periodicals.



Popular Magazine

Scholarly Journal



General readership

Students, researchers, scholars, specialists in a particular subject


Popular language, geared towards the average reader

Specialized vocabulary of a subject discipline


Feature stories, reviews, editorials, may report research findings as news

Original research, theoretical issues, new developments in the subject discipline


Staff writers (not always named), freelance writers

Subject specialists named, degrees and academic affiliation usually given


Articles rarely include references or footnotes

Meticulously documented; extensive references and/or footnotes


Highly visual, lots of advertising and photos


Somber design, little advertising, mostly text with some graphs and tables


Print Periodicals - 2019

Please ask a reference librarian for help in finding print periodicals.

Access from Off-Campus

Select the database you want to search then enter your T-Wolves username and password to access databases from off-campus. 

Need help? Call the Library's Reference Desk at 614-6786 for assistance.

Article Search Parameters

To access only scholarly articles, you should check the "peer-reviewed" option in databases.

To receive only full-text articles, check the "full-text" option (Full-text means the full article is immediately available. If you don't choose full-text articles, you may only receive a citation or abstract of an article.)

You may want to adjust the date range and only search for articles within the last 5-10 years. This is especially important for science and technology-related topics.

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